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Barnasty Ferments

Super Soft Sauce

Super Soft Sauce

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Super Soft Sauce is your go-to condiment for a delightful flavor boost without the overwhelming heat. Crafted with a perfect blend of jalapenos, red bell pepper, garlic, onion, and black pepper, this fermented hot sauce promises a culinary experience that's all about the flavor and little to no heat.

For those who seek a deliciously balanced sauce, Super Soft Sauce is the ideal choice. It's specially crafted for those who aren't keen on intense spiciness but still desire a tantalizing taste adventure. We like to call it the "table sauce" – a versatile companion that enhances any dish with its rich and savory flavor.

Discover the subtle, yet robust taste of jalapenos, enhanced by the mellow sweetness of red bell pepper. Hints of garlic and onion add a deliciously savory note, while black pepper rounds off the flavor profile with a gentle warmth. The fermentation process works its magic, enriching these ingredients and creating a taste sensation like no other.

Super Soft Sauce seamlessly complements everything on your plate. Whether you're drizzling it over tacos, pizzas, burgers, grilled vegetables, or even breakfast favorites like eggs and hash browns, this sauce elevates each bite with its delightful taste.


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